20 On The Rise

One Word - Honored
Seriously, you guys.

I am thrilled to announce that Westward Wandering Co.
was selected as a final 20 on the Rise Winner!

Out of hundreds of small businesses nominated across the USA, this little Black Hills-based clothing shop was chosen as one of the 20 final winners in the Design Category.

20 people x 5 categories = 100 wavemakers across the United States


Huge gigantic thank you to anyone that nominated Westward Wandering awhile back. It is truly an honor to represent our community and to be chosen as one of the wavemakers in the area. 

The 20 on the Rise competition is hosted by HoneybookGustoPeerspace, and the Rising Tide Society, four brands uniting to recognize individuals who are making an impact in the creative economy.

The 20 on the Rise finalists were chosen based on their values of inclusivity, community over competition, empowering others, and believing in being better together while building a business that they love.

So, to sum it up in one word, honored.

Thank you.

Here's to you *raises glass, takes humble bow*
and here's to some very new, exciting things coming soon.