The New Shop Experience

Sometimes you have to slow down, to go fast.


Sometimes you have to take a step back, reevaluate your ambitions, realign your direction, and take a baby step forward on the new path.

This is what's happening now.

The new shop experience has been gnawing at the back of my mind for the past year. To be more intentional. To be more personal. To be different. To step up the game. And to pivot the strategy. 

We are excited to announce this new era. Read on to see what's changing.


Let's Get Local

The main theme of the shop overhaul is to be more locally focused. We will be drawing in locals and artisans to offer you some rad Black Hills-inspired goodies as well as screen-printing new gear through the fabulous Ink Imprints out of Rapid City. More coming soon.


The Forever Collection

These are the best sellers of all time. These tees will continue to jive on the shop's website, ready to buy them when you want them. Shop them.


The Trailhead Collection

We have exciting things coming for our Trailhead Collection. Stay tuned.


The Locals x Artisan Collection

We will be drawing in more local artists, makers, builders, and crafters to offer you some Black Hills-based, handpicked, exclusive, and handmade items. We are excited for the partnerships coming soon and hope you love these items as much as we do! 


Limited Quantities

Because we are focusing more on quality and supporting local, fellow business owners, quantities for all new items are limited. That means you need to order as soon as possible when they are released to make sure you swoop up the item(s) you want most. 



Because quantities are limited, you have the option to pre-order (most) items in the size you want. Click the pre-order button and check out as usual. If enough items are pre-ordered, we will fulfill and ship the items as soon as possible. If enough items are not pre-ordered, we will refund you in full. Pre-ordering is only available for a limited amount of time. In conclusion, if you want something, order it asap!


Plant One Tree

Lastly, you can still plant one tree at checkout. We planted over 100 trees last year - we are excited to see how many we put into the ground this year!


In Conclusion

To sum all of that up, this shop is shifting gears to offer you better quality, although limited, rad new clothing items, styles, and even more fun new things (coming soon). This shop was made to inspire, to do good, and to possibly make a difference to the world by representing our favorite places.

We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what this little shop can do, with your help, of course, and to continue offering unique designs for you to wander around the Black Hills or to represent from across the country. 

And to cheers to slowing down to go fast.



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