Partnering with Black Hills Trails

Back in 2015, the Trailhead Collection was the initial inspiration for my store. I wanted to create a tee for every trail in the Black Hills, mileage and elevation included. I know many of you have the coolest stories related to the trails out here in the hills, and we all share a love for them. 


The Partnership

With that said, I am happy to announce that Westward Wandering Co. has partnered with Black Hills Trailsa nonprofit leading trail projects in communities throughout the Black Hills, who's ultimate mission is to enhance our trail experiences, from maintaining them to cleaning them up to building them.

"The ultimate goal of Black Hills Trails is a future Black Hills where a diverse network of studiously designed, judiciously constructed and expertly maintained trails connect every city, town and point of interest in the region. The organization seeks the proliferation of recreational and back-country travel opportunities for all non-motorized user groups. In pursuit of these goals Black Hills Trails provides support to individuals, organizations, and events that promote these ideals and will strive to work with land managers in support of recreational opportunities."


Trail Tees

This partnership means that whenever you buy a Trail Tee, all of the profit will go straight to Black Hills Trails to support their efforts. The money will be used to support volunteers in their efforts, buy supplies for trail cleanups. Partnering with this local nonprofit has always been a dream of mine, and we've finally figured out the logistics to make this happen. 


Trail Cleanups

In addition to donating when you purchase a tee, we will also be helping with their trail clean up efforts. Jump on the email list to be notified of these meet-up and clean up get togethers. Join us for fun, getting our hands dirty, and even some giveaways and hangouts!



You can straight up donate to this stellar organization as well. Click here to directly support their cause.


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