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  • Tailored Faith Co.

    What’s your name?Jasmine Walter   Name of your business?Tailored Faith Co.   Where are you located?I work out of my home in Rapid City, SD - my shop is all online!   How long have you had your business?Tailored Faith Co. has been around since 2015!   Is this a full-time gig for you? W... View Post
  • Partnering with Black Hills Trails

    Back in 2015, the Trailhead Collection was the initial inspiration for my store. I wanted to create a tee for every trail in the Black Hills, mileage and elevation included. I know many of you have the coolest stories related to the trails out here in the hills, and we all share a love for them. ... View Post
  • The New Shop Experience

    Sometimes you have to slow down, to go fast. - Sometimes you have to take a step back, reevaluate your ambitions, realign your direction, and take a baby step forward on the new path. This is what's happening now. The new shop experience has been gnawing at the back of my mind for the past ye... View Post